A fulfilling walk that you and your dog look forward to everyday is something we would all like to achieve, both for our dogs and for ourselves. Providing your dog with the freedom to sniff helps them be happy and fulfilled.

Background to the Busselton Snuffle Garden Project

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It was after hearing internationally renowned dog trainer Turid Rugaas speak in Germany in 2012 that the seed for the Busselton Snuffle Garden Project was planted. Turid explained the fundamental importance and benefits that sniffing has on a dog’s physical and mental wellbeing. As part of her presentation she frequently referred to and praised the Snuffle Garden Project developed by Carolin Reger from Germany.

On the return trip back to Australia all I could think about was how one of these gardens would benefit my own dog, a 4-year-old weimaraner called Chase. Lately both he and I had been finding our daily walks in busy environments somewhat less than enjoyable.

Once back home I explained the concept to a couple of like-minded friends and the Busselton Snuffle Garden Project was born. At first, it was just friends and their dogs swapping yards, but once we saw the difference the gardens were making to our dog’s wellbeing and how much fun we were all having, the ideas started to flow thick and fast. So we started changing our gardens around, finding new things to add, always trying to find that special thing that would evoke the dog’s curiosity so they could explore with their noses.

Instead of dreading going to the tip it became an adventure we all looked forward to – what would we find to bring home? No one’s shed was safe from our probing eyes, for it could be hiding our next treasure. We always asked ourselves the same question – “Would a dog like this?”. We were on a steep learning curve to learn what worked from our dog’s point of view and what didn’t. Besides, if something didn’t work, it was always a good excuse to go back to the tip and try again!

The project continues to evolve and we remain committed to our search for sniffing treasures. We would happily welcome more gardens into this project and we encourage you to email us if you would like to discuss this further.



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