You find them in every town – the well-heeled older woman, the grungy man about town, the slightly eccentric neighbour, the buff young blokes on the block and those who work hard for their money.

But just how do they spend their days? And more importantly, what are their favourite accessories?

Tune in each month to find out the deepest and darkest secrets of those dogs you may pass on the street but are just too polite to question…

Interview with Leena

by | Apr 1, 2017 | Model of the Month | 2 comments


Full Name – Leena.

Age – 5-ish, give or take a month or two.

Breed – Clearly I am not what you would call petite, so I think we can all agree that my bloodlines feature some large dogs.

 Residential Area – Busselton 

Favourite Harness – Perfect Fit, with my Haqihana a close second. 

Preferred Lead Length – Let me tell you, when it comes to leads the longer the better.

This month our model wears ...

Haqihana Harness – Standard


Harness Size: Medium

Harness Colour: Orange

In-depth interview questions:

What accessory wouldn’t you be seen on the street without? My red Perfect Fit Harness.

How long have you had your owner? If you mean my humans that I own, then I have had them for three years and counting.

Tells us a little bit about your puppyhood – I do remember being fussed over as a cute puppy. As I grew bigger I spent more and more hours on my own, and then the people who bought me from a pet shop said I was naughty and sent me to the council pound. Those people just didn’t understand I was just so bored and very, very lonely on my own all the time. Then one day a dog rescue group saved me from the pound and I now have a forever family who wants to spend time with me and supports my education.

Tell me about your favourite comfort food – Raw meaty lamb bones. Oh, who am I kidding, any food is my favourite food.

When you kick and bark in your sleep, what are you dreaming about? Breaking into a butcher’s shop. A very big butcher’s shop.

Describe your perfect day – A lazy walk on my harness and long lead, sniffing anything and everything  I pass along the way, followed by a sleep on the couch until dinner time.

Tell us about your siblings – I have a little older brother Junior who came to live with us when he was 6 years old. He loves to play tug of war with me but I always win. We also just got a 13-year-old whippet, who doesn’t do much.

If you had a human job, what would it be? A butcher. No, wait, a baker. No, wait, a chef.

Best walk ever? Every Saturday at 6.30am, me and my best dog mate Chase go bin sniffing. I highly recommend it.

What’s your favourite toy? An old deflated football.

Favourite outdoor activity? Sniffing – and don’t even think of judging me unless you’ve tried it.

Favorite indoor activity? Sleeping on the bed with my humans.

Naughtiest habit? Barking at Archie, the sausage dog who lives next door.

Who is your best friend?  I have two, Aunty Jennie from Lets Walk and her dog, Chase.


  1. donna

    Thanks Jennie Oliver from Let’s Walk, for introducing Leena and I to harness and long lead walking.

  2. Elizabeth

    Gorgeous Leena and how lucky to have found such a great home and two cute furry siblings. And love those harnesses.


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