You find them in every town – the well-heeled older woman, the grungy man about town, the slightly eccentric neighbour, the buff young blokes on the block and those who work hard for their money.

But just how do they spend their days? And more importantly, what are their favourite accessories?

Tune in each month to find out the deepest and darkest secrets of those dogs you may pass on the street but are just too polite to question…

Interview with Pink

by | Mar 1, 2017 | Model of the Month | 0 comments


Full Name – Miss Pink

Age –  2½ yrs old (maybe?)

Breed – Greyhound x Borzoi (maybe?)

Residential Area –  On a comfy couch – Perth Western Australia

Favourite Harness – Haqihana or Perfect Fit, depending on what I’m doing and where I’m appearing!

Preferred Lead Length- No lead at all but if I have to, 5 metres +++ – preferably Freedogz in Barbie Pink. 

This month our model wears ...

Haqihana Harness – Standard


Harness Size: Small

Harness Colour: Violet

In-depth interview questions:

Favourite time of day ? Any time I can have a sleep!

What’s your preferred evening meal? FOOD!! We usually have a variety of raw food and when I’m very lucky, Colby (much older brother) shares his slow cooked stews!!!

Who would you like to have dinner with? Mr Chase

How do you keep your figure in such good shape? Sleeping, sniffing, zoomies (for 5 minutes max!) and did I mention sleeping?

What do you think about the greyhound racing industry? I think it is very sad that people use and abuse greyhounds who are dogs just like me, for their own profit, with no care for the value of their lives……………when all those dogs want is to treated well and run for fun (maybe……some don’t even want to do that!) and sleep on a couch………………….  Too many die and aren’t given a chance to be loved like I am, that makes me so sad 🙁


If you had to go out to work, what human career could you see yourself excelling at? I would be a supermodel of course 😉 Or a super hero if that was a job!

What did you do last weekend? I slept lots! Had a bath (what’s with that?????), got a massage, went for a walk, went to a sniffing fun day with Laura & Fiona at Morley Vets where I got a Christmas present! Did I mention sleeping??

Do you have a best friend? Yes my sister Miss Baci! I love her very much and I help her to realise the world isn’t a scary place. Oh, and we wrestle!!! We LOOOOOOVVVEEE to wrestle. 

Do you have a favourite place? The sniffing garden in Busselton!! But only when it is not raining, I am not a wet weather kind of girl!

What would you like to tell your human family? That I love them very much – but I think they know that! Oh, and more massages.  Oh, and I would like to sleep on their bed – I really don’t think it is too small for us to share………………



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