You find them in every town – the well-heeled older woman, the grungy man about town, the slightly eccentric neighbour, the buff young blokes on the block and those who work hard for their money.

But just how do they spend their days? And more importantly, what are their favourite accessories?

Tune in each month to find out the deepest and darkest secrets of those dogs you may pass on the street but are just too polite to question…

Interview with Sam & Mack

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Full name: Mack and Sam Sims

Age: 9 months

Breed: Jack Russell / Maltese

Residential area: Busselton Boys!

Favourite harness: My own / Lets Walk

Preferred lead length: The longer the better

This month our model wears ...

Haqihana Harness – Standard


Harness Size: Small

Harness Colour: Chocolate

In-depth interview questions:

Well, it’s almost Christmas, a time of year that reminds us of the importance of family. Tell us, how long have you had your humans?

Sam: We have had our new owners Mark and Wendy for 9 months now. Wendy was heartbroken when she lost her gorgeous little girl, Jackie, after more than 18 years of total devotion.

Mack: Jackie is a hard act to follow, but we do our best and we are cute in our own way.

And how did you find your humans?  Mack: I like to say we were heaven sent. Mum sent a message to Jackie to find us and send us to her, and the rest is history. Thank you, Jackie!

Speaking of Christmas, what is the one menu item you couldn’t live without on the big day?  Sam & Mack: We can sum that up in just 4 words – winner, winner, chicken dinner!! Without a doubt, chicken is our favourite food. We do anything for chicken. Anything.

Describe a perfect day for you both.  Sam: We just love playing – with everything we see, with each other, and of course with our mum and dad. We love going to the beach, digging a hole or 2 or 3 (much to Mum’s disgust) and chasing each other.

Mack: Don’t forget long walks and playing tug of war – who doesn’t love a good game of tug-of-war on the beach.

Best walk ever?  Mack: As long as we are all together that’s what matters. We did enjoy visiting Mum’s parents, Nan and Pop. They live near the beach so that walk was soooo cool. So very cool.

What’s your favourite toy?  Sam: Hmm, I think Mack would agree that we love our tug-of-war as we can play together.

Mack: Too right, dude.

Who is your best friend?  Sam: I can answer for both Mack and myself on this one. Our best friends are Mum and Dad, sister Hailey and brother Brad.

Now to the more obscure questions. Worst fashion choice?  Mack: Let me be clear, this wasn’t our choice, but it was the reindeer antlers that Mum brough for Christmas.

Sam: Oh, words fail me. I mean, antlers? What was she thinking?

If you couldn’t frolic all day and had to have jobs, what would they be?  Mack: Hmmmm, I would probably be a salesperson as I can turn on the charm and talk the talk like nobody’s business.

Sam: I’d be an accountant as I really think things through first time, every time.

Which actor would play you in a human movie?  Mack: If you asked Sam he would say Brad Pitt – a serious dude but also a good looker!

Sam: Yep, Brad Pitt. He’s the man. The late Robin Williams would have been a perfect Mack, always making people laugh.

So, back to Christmas. Do you think Santa will be stopping by your place? Have you been naughty or nice this year?

Sam: Santa? Who is Santa?

Mack: You know, Santa. Big man, white beard, red suit, has reindeer with antlers…

Sam: Oh yeah, ha ha ha, Santa!

Mack: So, naughty or nice. Um…… overall, I have been very nice, but I do have a habit of pinching things and taking off with them. Sam’s been pretty well behaved, although he loves to chew everything and anything.

Is your Christmas tree up?  Sam: Mum hasn’t put it up yet. I think (and let’s be honest, she would be right) that it will be game on and we will tug at the tinsel. We can’t wait this is our first Christmas and we are soooo excited!!!!

Would you like to meet Rudolph?  Why not? Aren’t reindeer just big dogs with antlers?

Any final thoughts you’d like to share?  Sam: As you’ve said, Christmas is a time for family and for giving. And that’s great, it really is. But please, remember if you are planning to bring a pup into your home this Christmas – we need to be part of your family and we are for life!

Realistically we could be in your lives for the next 15 years, not just for the school holidays or until you go on your next holiday. Please give it some consideration and make sure you are ready for the responsibility of sharing your life with us. You might not think it, but the lifestyle of a dog owner doesn’t suit everyone. Mack?

Mack: Yep, I totally agree. And, one more thing – don’t feed us your leftover ham, and keep the chocolates out of reach. It’s not our thing and we don’t want a trip to the vet!

Merry Christmas everyone!

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  1. Elizabeth

    How cute are these two? Adorable.


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