You find them in every town – the well-heeled older woman, the grungy man about town, the slightly eccentric neighbour, the buff young blokes on the block and those who work hard for their money.

But just how do they spend their days? And more importantly, what are their favourite accessories?

Tune in each month to find out the deepest and darkest secrets of those dogs you may pass on the street but are just too polite to question…

Interview with The Busselton Dude – Ted

by | Sep 10, 2017 | Model of the Month | 6 comments


Full Name: Ted

Age: 3.8yrs

Job Title: Managing Director / Customer Relations Manager at Dots Pots and Office Furniture

Breed: Groodle

Residential Area: Busselton – Western Australia

Favourite Harness: Haqihana – Turquoise

Preferred Lead Length: 3 plus metres & must complement my harness colour

This month our model wears ...

Haqihana Harness – Standard


Harness Size: Medium

Harness Colour: Turquoise

In-depth interview questions:

Tell me a little about yourself –   Well, I am 3.8 years old and have been with my owners for 3 years and 5 months. My favourite food is cheese, although I am not allowed a lot of it. As I am fussy I also eat grain-free dog biscuits. As dogs go, I am pretty relaxed, you know what I’m saying! And my star sign is… actually… I have no idea what star sign I am, but I bet it is the coolest one.

What’s a perfect day in the world of Ted –    A perfect day for me starts with a walk with my ‘hooman’ mum ‘Dot’ at the beach or the park followed by a coffee at the Old Post Office Tea Rooms. Clearly, I don’t drink coffee – it keeps me awake at night – but while Mum has a coffee, I get spoilt by Toni and David, who always have water for dogs like me. Then it’s off to work.

Yes, of course, you have a full-time job. Tell me more –   Currently I am Managing Director of Dots Pots and Office Furniture, and I take my role very seriously. I believe that first impressions count, so I make it a priority to meet and greet all our customers as soon as they step into the store. I’m lucky that Mum is around to handle all the day-to-day tasks of running a business – I would be lost without her.

I understand you lead a very active social life –  Yeah, I do love being with my mates. Me and my mate Kosta, who I guess you could call a ‘mature dog’, well we love to sniff when we are out walking. Then there is a Spoodle rescue dog who we meet every day on our walk, I like to have a chat with him.

My ideal play date is Indi – she is a black Labrador who belongs to my ‘hooman’ brother, but they only come down from Perth occasionally. When we get together it is just fun, fun and more fun, with lots of ball fun and playing at home.

I tell you what I don’t like though, and that is big dogs that rush up to me. You know the ones that come out of nowhere and are just in your face! One attacked me once and that has put me off inviting pushy dogs around.

You always look like such a dudetalk to me about your favourite accessories –  Look, any well-dressed man about town will tell you it’s not about what you wear, but how you wear it. Having said that, I wouldn’t be caught on the street without my Id Tags, turquoise Haqihana Harness and appropriately coloured cool lead. I mean I have a reputation to uphold.

I understand you have a few medical issues. Are you ok to discuss that –  Like all fit and healthy Groodles, I was always very inquisitive and loved to sniff in the grass. One day I ate grass along the cycle way that had been sprayed with granules of poison and a few hours later I had a seizure. After many tests it was determined that I have become chemically intolerant and now I have seizures on a monthly basis. I also have to be really careful to make sure I don’t walk anywhere where poisons like glyphosate have been sprayed. The good news is that since I have been taking Chinese herbal medicines the attacks are less stressful, but Mum and I are still finding them very scary.

I heard a rumour that you are about to go travelling. Care to comment –  Ha ha, yep, me and my peeps are about to cross this great country of ours on a caravanning holiday. Can you imagine? The open road…. different dogs in every caravan park we go to…. so many new places to explore, sniff, and pee on. Bring it on, I say!

Last question – at the end of a long day when you kick and bark in your sleep, what do you dream about –  I dream of being at the beach or chasing little birds at the park, although I never manage to catch them. Sometimes I dream about the taste of the fresh sea air when I am in the boat, or the wind on my furry face as I ride in a car. Oh, and cheese. I dream about eating lots and lots of cheese.


  1. Elizabeth

    What a very handsome boy and the turquoise is perfect for him.

  2. Henry Scanlan

    Oh Ted you are magnificent. You really should have a regular monthly update! Hey, how about you let us know what you are doing during your holiday. Stay well handsome boy xxoo

  3. Annette Coote

    Wonderful story Dotty. Ted is indeed extremely handsome and so lucky to,have you as a Mum.

  4. Patty O'Connoe

    Fantastic interview Ted, you are lucky to have my friend Dottie as your Mum.

  5. Toni O'Connor

    We adore seeing Ted every morning for coffee. He’s very well known amoungst other customers and of course always very talkative. He even has his own water conrainer!

  6. Jen Perry

    What a fabulous interview Teddo! Your hooman mum is lucky to have you looking after her shop. Big hugs to you. xxx


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