A fulfilling walk that you and your dog look forward to everyday is something we would all like to achieve, both for our dogs and for ourselves. Providing your dog with the freedom to sniff helps them be happy and fulfilled.

Dogs are born to sniff – snuffling and sniffling is an important part of your dog’s basic needs and natural behaviours. Your dog’s sense of smell can be a million times more powerful than yours, and sniffing is how it makes sense of its environment and recognises other dogs and animals, people, food and so much more.

When combined with a longer lead, a well-fitting, non-pinching harness and the right environment, the freedom to snuffle plays an integral part in your dog achieving an enjoyable walk.

This page will encourage and enhance recreational snuffling by providing information on:

  • the Busselton Snuffle Garden Project (BSG)
  • new features at the BSG
  • special visitors to the BSG
  • snuffle gardens from around the world
  • garden swapping.

We welcome your ideas and creations, so please email us and share your brilliant snuffling ideas.

Background to the Busselton Snuffle Garden Project

It was after hearing internationally renowned dog trainer Turid Rugaas speak in Germany in 2102 that the seed for Busselton Snuffle Garden Project was planted. Turid explained the fundamental importance and benefits that sniffing has on a dog’s physical and mental wellbeing. As part of her presentation she frequently referred to and praised the Snuffle Garden Project developed by Carolin Reger from Germany.

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The Busselton Snuffle Gardens

The Busselton Snuffle Gardens started as a seed of an idea and continues to grow. Our gardens provide your dog the freedom to explore uninterrupted with their nose – to slow down and experience their surrounds with their senses in a safe, stress-free environment.

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What is a Snuffle Garden?

A Snuffle Garden is any enclosed and safe environment that provides your dog the freedom to slow down and do what dog’s do best – sniff. It allows your dog a chance to ‘slow down and smell the roses’, to be curious and explore at their own pace.
It is a ‘command-free’ zone, with no balls to fetch or obedience exercises to complete. Quite simply, it is a place for your dog to be at one with himself or herself.

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