You find them in every town – the well-heeled older woman, the grungy man about town, the slightly eccentric neighbour, the buff young blokes on the block and those who work hard for their money.

But just how do they spend their days? And more importantly, what are their favourite accessories?

Tune in each month to find out the deepest and darkest secrets of those dogs you may pass on the street but are just too polite to question…

Interview with Sam & Mack

Mack and Sam are full of vim and vigour and Christmas cheer, but they also have a serious reminder for all potential dog owners this festive season.

Interview with Sally

She may be small, and a bit of a princess, but Sally takes on her job as Curator of Artefacts at the Busselton Snuffle Garden with the can-do attitude of a much bigger dog. As for job satisfaction, she says watching happy, fulfilled dogs stroll about sniffing while their happy, fulfilled owners look on is its own reward.

Interview with Lady Lola

Meet Lola, a lady who has had some challenges in her life, but whose future is so bright that soon she might just have to wear shades…

Interview with Leena

Meet Leena – long of leg, brindle of coat, connoisseur of food from the south-west –with a peculiar Saturday morning ritual.