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Freedogz Tracking Lead Ultra Thin 13mm

Online, the Ultra Thin leads are only available in 13mm and in fluro orange.

However these lovely light leads can be custom-made up to any length and in your choice of four colours – barbie pink – sky blue – black or fluro orange.

Please email us for pricing and availability.

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The leads from FreeDogz are made from Biothane, a synthetic leather substitute that is widely used in equestrian sports.

Biothane has a number of advantages:

  • Always supple, regardless of the temperature
  • Does not absorb moisture or dirt, so does not become heavier as a result of water or mud
  • Easy to clean, simply rinse it under the tap and it’s ready for use
  • Very strong

FreeDogz leads are made using stitches instead of rivets to ensure extra strong connections.

Ultra Thin 13mm:

The Ultra Thin leads are only available in 13mm and in neon orange.
These leads have a thinner coating and thinner webbing inside than the Super Flex lines. They are half as strong, obviously thinner and lighter in weight. This makes them an ideal choice for small dogs up to 5kg. These leads will also have a light bolt snap.
These leads are especially made for toy breeds and tea cup dogs, because normal long leads can be too heavy.
If you desire a different length than those available, please contact us before placing an order.

Comparison of different materials:

  • Standard 19 mm: 54 gram/m – 1000 pound tear resistance per inch
  • Standard 13 mm: 37 gram/m – 1000 pound tear resistance per inch
  • Super Flex 13 mm: 21 gram/m – 1000 pound tear resistance per inch
  • Ultra Thin 13 mm: 11 gram/m – 500 pound tear resistance per inch

Additional information

Lead Length

10m, 12m, 15m

Lead Width


Lead Colour

Fluro Orange

Bolt Snap

Small, Medium


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