Personalised Fitting Service

In addition to our online shopping service, Lets Walk also offers a personalised lead and harness fitting service for dogs, cats and even pigs in Busselton and surrounding areas. Finding the right balance between freedom and guidance while walking your dog can be a challenge, and a correctly fitted lead and harness is important to the quality of your dog’s walk.

During your fitting session

Trial different harness designs, brands and sizes to determine which is best suited to your dog’s individual needs. Your final selection is then adjusted for ultimate comfort and fit. You’re also welcome to bring in your current harness to be fitted or to compare its fit with those Lets Walk offers.


Fittings normally take place in one of the Busselton Snuffle Gardens so your dog can test run the harnesses and you can road test the feel of a number of different leads lengths and material types.

Session duration and cost

Fitting sessions normally take 30 minutes and costs $25.00, including some quality snuffle time in the garden. This cost is waived if you purchase a lead and harness at your fitting session.

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