A fulfilling walk that you and your dog look forward to everyday is something we would all like to achieve, both for our dogs and for ourselves. Providing your dog with the freedom to sniff helps them be happy and fulfilled.

The Busselton Snuffle Gardens

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The Busselton Snuffle Gardens started as a seed of an idea and continues to grow. Read the story behind the Busselton Snuffle Gardens.

The gardens and their teams

Our gardens provide your dog the freedom to explore uninterrupted with their nose – to slow down and experience their surrounds with their senses in a safe, stress-free environment.

Muddy Waters Gardens

Size: (2.023 hectares)
Garden designer / junk artist/ green thumb / caretaker: Elizabeth Muir
Quality control: Biscuit, a small and sometime white fluffy pooch
Supervisor: Sally, a small white princess who avoids strenuous exercise
See photos of this garden below.

Jersey Alley

Size: 1002 m2
Gardener / junk collector / observer: Jennie Oliver
Sniffing expert / valuable junk tester / the one who has the final say if junk stays or goes: Chase, the Weimaraner.
Check out Jersey Alley.

The Kennels

Size: 4.8 hectares
Garden designer/ sniffing junk expert / creative ideas person / passionate kennel owner: Lee Anderson
The worker /gardener/ user of heavy machinery: Mark Anderson
Quality control: all kennel residents
Be inspired by The Kennels – unfortunately The Kennels was recently sold and is no longer part of the project, but we have included the garden in this blog as it had too many great ideas to let them go to waste. We look forward to Lee’s next garden.

As the gardens evolve we will add in new photos


Who’s using our gardens?

Every man and his dog wants to visit our gardens! At the moment our most regular visitors are:

  • Dog rescue groups
  • Socially isolated people and their dogs
  • Foster carers and their dogs
  • Senior owners and dogs
  • Dogs and owners undertaking rehabilitation work who need a quiet space to relax
  • Injured dogs, post-surgery dogs, and dogs undergoing treatment such as chemotherapy
  • Dog education seminars and workshop groups
  • Individual owners and dogs for harness fitting and long lead education sessions
  • Owners who for a variety of reasons cannot walk their dog or require assistance, such as past walking traumas or the arrival of a new baby
  • Any dog that wants to sniff with their owner in a safe, peaceful setting.

Busselton Snuffle Garden rules

To get the most out of this snuffling experience, dogs and their owners are asked to adhere to the following requirements:

  • Dogs should wear a correctly fitted harness and be on a long lead.
  • Owners should follow their dog, encouraging curiosity as it makes its own choices.
  • Owners should maintain a sense of fun.

We do not permit:

  • balls
  • clickers
  • leads attached to collars
  • head halties
  • commands, obedience training
  • free for all rough play.

There is to be limited food and leading your dog.

Visiting a Busselton Snuffle Garden

The Busselton Snuffle Gardens are privately owned gardens that their owners share to benefit dogs and their owners. If you are interested in visiting one of our snuffle gardens, email us to discuss when would be a suitable time.


  1. Janis Sanderson

    Hello I have just been reading on facebook anout making yr garden into a snuffle garden and I saw Busselton had one
    I would be very interested in bringing my pooches

  2. Linda Rugaas

    Wonderful idea, and I am so happy I got to see these ardens when I was visiting. I am definetely going to build a snuffle garden here in Norway too.



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