A fulfilling walk that you and your dog look forward to everyday is something we would all like to achieve, both for our dogs and for ourselves. Providing your dog with the freedom to sniff helps them be happy and fulfilled.

What is a Snuffle Garden?

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A Snuffle Garden is any enclosed and safe environment that provides your dog the freedom to slow down and do what dog’s do best – sniff. It allows your dog a chance to ‘slow down and smell the roses’, to be curious and explore at their own pace.

It is a ‘command-free’ zone, with no balls to fetch or obedience exercises to complete. Quite simply, it is a place for your dog to be at one with himself or herself.

The Benefits of sniffing

Providing your dog an opportunity to take its time and sniff has many positive effects on its physical and mental wellbeing.

  • Sniffing is how your dog ‘sees’ its environment – your dog’s sense of smell can be a million times more powerful than yours, and sniffing is how it makes sense of his or her world.
  • Sniffing releases hormones that have a calming effect on your dog’s brain. A slower walk where your dog sniffs about encourages movement in different directions and at different speeds uses more muscles so he or she gets a more complete exercise.
  • Sniffing allows your dog the freedom to explore, make choices and to slow down.

Visiting a snuffle garden provides your dog with an opportunity to experience all these benefits and it will love some uninterrupted time to explore using all of its senses. In return, you will feel great watching your dog’s natural behaviours at work knowing you have fulfilled one of your dog’s most basic needs.


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